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Tuenne Storm Straps

Tuenne Storm Straps


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This is our newest strap! Our patented Manufacturing method allows for a super low profile end fitting covered in TE Connectivity™ Heat Shrink Protecting your gear from cosmetic blemishes.

We use no glue or other adhesives in the construction of this strap. Our end fitting is mechanically attached to the rope with our patented technology. 

Don't miss out. All these Bombproof straps are made with real Climbing Rope (except Navy and braided hempex) and are made by hand using 2N's Patented Modular Assembly. Give your Camera an Upgrade and Stand Proud wearing this strap.  

This actual strap (not the split rings) is guaranteed for life and can withstand a breaking load of approx. 300lbs. 

The 2N Camera Strap is most comfortable when used with lighter camera gear.

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