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Slik Sliding Arm II

Slik Sliding Arm II


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The professional Sliding Arm II is a universal mini-boom that works with almost any tripod that can have the head removed. It allows creators access to multiple unique angles and vantage points not possible with a traditional tripod and head setup. 

The arm is connected to a fulcrum that allows rotation, tilt and slide for free movement in almost any direction. The arm extends up to 19.5” from the tripod's center column to capture "lay-flat" overhead perspectives useful for vlogging, video tutorials, macro photography and more.

To position the camera, the sliding arm features 2 knobs. One controls the slide and the other controls rotation and angle. A hook is included, opposite the head, to attach a counterweight (not sold by Slik) for increased stability as the arm extends away from the tripod's center of gravity. 

The Sliding Arm supports 4.4lbs of camera gear and will attach to most tripods legs with a 3/8" thread post. We include a 1/4 20" thread adapter for those with a smaller thread post on their tripod legs. Your head will attach to the arm using a 1/4 20" thread or you can use the thread adapter for heads with a 3/8" thread hole. 

The versatility of the Sliding Arm makes it a great companion for product photographers, v-loggers, studio professionals and amateur enthusiasts searching for new perspectives. As part of the Creator's Series, this multi-function tool pairs well with the Creator's Clamp and SBH-400 Ball Head for a complete professional setup.

NOTE: The Sliding Arm II is adjusted manually and does not require batteries.

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