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Slik PRO POD CF-834 - Twist Locks

Slik PRO POD CF-834 - Twist Locks


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The SLIK PRO POD CF-834 is compact and durable monopod and is excellent for shooting sporting events or in small venues where a tripod will not fit or is not allowed. This monopod can handle long telephoto lens such as 300mm /2.8 or larger and making it a great tool to have around if you like to shoot sports, wild life and travel. Made from an advanced 8X multi-layered carbon fiber material, which is approximately 40% lighter, but just as rigid as the equivalent aluminum.  

This monopod uses SLIK twist lever locks to make extending and retracting the 4 leg sections a breeze. Twist Locks also allow you to tighten the legs to hold a little more weight securely. The SLIK PRO POD CF-834 weighs just over 17 oz.! (not including a head) It also retracts to 19.6 in. in length. It’s small size and featherweight makes it a natural on any photo backpack, you almost forget it’s there!  

If you need to move around a lot to different locations but need some extra support the SLIK PRO POD CF-834 is a great option for staying mobile. The speed release lever locks make it a breeze to set up and pack away

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