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Do you ever wish you had a small tripod so you wouldn't have to place a camera on a table, the ground, or try to balance it on a railing to get a longer timed shot in low light?  But at the same time you are sure you don't want to carry around a full sized tripod.  The SLIK MINI PRO DQ just might be your answer.  

First its small. It can ride in your camera bag in the same space as a lens.   It’s light, weighing at only 12 ounces.  It also has an all-metal compact ball head that has a quick release plate to make attaching and detaching the camera from the tripod quick and simple. That quick release is small and low profile so it can stay on your camera at all times.  This head is also removable if you have a compact head you would like to use.  

Second it is expandable, the legs extend a little more than an inch for added stability and the MINI PRO DQ has a center column that raises about 2 inches to get the camera a little higher off the ground, rock, table or whatever you are putting it on.   

Besides its traditional use as a tripod, the SLIK Mini Pro DQ is also a “Chest-Pod” camera support. To use it as a chest-pod, first loosen the locking collar around the center column, raise the center column at least one inch and tighten. Then, with the legs spread, place the feet of the legs against your upper chest. Loosen the tripod head and position the camera so you can see through the viewfinder comfortably. This will better stabilize the camera and help avoid image degrading “camera shake.”

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