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Slik ECH-630 Astro Tracker

Slik ECH-630 Astro Tracker


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  • Multi-Speed for Celestial, Lunar or Time-Lapse Photography 
  • Compact and Lightweight at just 22.4 oz, Perfect for Backpacking 
  • Simple Control Menu via LCD Display 
  • Up to 20 Hours Run-time on 4 AA Sized Batteries

The Slik ECH-630 Astro-Tracker is a compact motorized mount with speed settings for star, moon, and time-lapse photography. Some astro-tracking heads can weigh up to 11 lbs but the ECH-630 weighs just 22.4 oz and takes up about the same amount of room as a 24-70mm lens in your camera bag. This makes it perfect for photographers that hike into remote locations to shoot the stars.

The ECH-630 capacity varies based on its angle. It can hold up 11 lbs when the turntable is flat and up to 4.4 lbs at a 45 degree angle. (See instructions for further details.) This makes it perfect for light-weight DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras with fast prime lenses. 

4 high-quality AA sized batteries are all that is needed for the ECH-630 to operate for up to 20 hours of celestial tracking, more than enough for a full night. The unit also has a micro USB port to connect an external battery for even longer run times.

Check out our blog here on the ECH-630 to see how you will use the built-in peep holes to align the tracker to Polaris or any other celestial body.


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