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Slik Creator's Clamp

Slik Creator's Clamp


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The Slik Creator’s Clamp gives creators maximum flexibility in their setups. This universal clamp is great for attaching cameras, phones, tablets or other small studio accessories up to 4.4 lbs. with the sliding pole or up to 11 lbs. directly attaching to the clamp port.

Use the clamp to fasten your attachments to anything up to 3 inches wide. The reversible surface adapter allows you to clamp to flat and round surfaces such as desktops, rails, poles or branches. An included hex key allows you to quickly convert from flat to round surfaces.


Equipped with the clamp is a removable 17” sliding pole to move your camera up and down or extend it from the center fulcrum. The pole comes with a U1/4 20” thread to mount to almost any ball head as well as a U3/8” thread adapter just in case. The dual accessory ports allow you to hook up a second attachment to the clamp. 

The included ball head adapter allows you to remove the sliding pole and attach a heavier camera setup directly to the clamp.


The clamp is easy to setup and use with tactile knobs and the lightweight design makes it easy to travel with.



  • Universal Clamp attaches to anything up to 3” wide
  • Reversible surface adapter: adjust to flat and round surfaces
  • 17” sliding pole allows up-down or lateral mobility
  • Removable ball head adapter: attach up to 11 lbs directly to the clamp
  • Dual accessory ports: attach a second accessory – light, phone, etc…
  • INCLUDED: Clamp, sliding pole, head adapter, thread adapter, hex key
  • NOT INCLUDED: Ball head, accessories, camera
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