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Sirui SR-66C Center Column for SR Series Tripods

Sirui SR-66C Center Column for SR Series Tripods


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The RX-66C is the centre column for SIRUI’s RX series tripods. The 10-layer carbon fibre centre column adds up to 63.5cm of height. For ground-level shots, the column can be inverted. The stabilising hook in the lower end of the column can also be used as a mounting tool. The reversible tripod screw in the mounting plate can accommodate tripod heads or other equipment with a 1/4 or 3/8 inch thread.

With the RX-66C, you can quickly make the RX video tripods into an extremely flexible photography tripod.

• Suitable for the SIRUI RX series
• Easily swapped for the RX mounting ball
• Assembly tool integrated into the weight hook
• Reversible for overhead shots
• For cameras and equipment with 1/4 or 3/8 inch thread
• Locking screw in mounting plate

• Material: 10-layer carbon fibre
• Tube diameter: 28 – 32mm
• Closed size: 390mm
• Working size: 115 – 635mm
• 2 telescoping sections with scale
• Weight: 500g

SIRUI R-4213X, SIRUI R-4214X, SIRUI R-5214X, SIRUI R-5214XL (not R-3213X)

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