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Shimoda Shoulder Strap - Women's Tech

Shimoda Shoulder Strap - Women's Tech


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These straps were designed for fuller-figured females with larger backs and/or bigger chests, but they will also fit comfortably on women of many sizes. They feature the popular stretch water bottle sleeve and zippered phone pocket from the original Shimoda straps. Twin sternum straps allow a secure fit without putting pressure across the middle of the chest. They feature various attachment loops for fastening accessories.
CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHERS - Shimoda’s Women’s Straps were designed with input from our community of users and then field-tested by a team of 45 women around the world to ensure the finest female-specific fit ever built into a backpack harness.
UNIQUE DUAL STERNUM STRAPS - Provide greater adjustability, stability and comfort, as the straps can be moved to sit above and below the breast area rather than straight across it as typical sternum straps do.
FIT FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE BODY TYPES - The Technical Straps were created for female photographers with Medium to Large builds. This style is ideal for adventure photographers with a large bust and medium-to-large shoulder width, but it is also very popular with women of all sizes.
MOBILE PHONE AND WATER BOTTLE STORAGE - The Technical Straps feature a zippered mobile phone pocket and stretchy water bottle accessory sleeve allowing you to reach your most important items without removing the pack.
BUILT-IN ATTACHMENT POINTS - The straps include various attachment rings and loops for fastening accessories, camera straps, pouches and other gear.
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