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Slik SGH-300 Compact Gimbal Head

Slik SGH-300 Compact Gimbal Head


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The gimbal head was made popular by professional wildlife photographers that needed to support heavy, long focal-length lenses but remain nimble enough to respond to sudden, quick movements or track birds in flight. The drawback was that they were big, heavy, and expensive.

The Slik SGH-300 Gimbal head is compact at only 6.5" tall, 8" wide, and 2" thick, while weighing in at just 1.77 lbs. It is perfect for photographers using the new super-zoom lenses like the Sony 200-600mm, Nikon 200-500mm, and the Canon 100-400mm. The gimbal head supports 10 lbs of gear so a supper-zoom with a professional body will perform great. The gimbal works best with lenses that include their own tripod collar.

The quick release system is compatible with the standard Arca-type "dove tail" plates, so you can use the one included or the ones you are currently using. The kit includes the gimbal, QR plate, and carry case.


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