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Nanlite Bulb Diffuser for LitoLite 5C

Nanlite Bulb Diffuser for LitoLite 5C


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  • EASILY MOUNT A LITOLITE 5C IN A LAMP - This accessory holds your LitoLite 5C (sold separately), adds a layer of diffusion, and lets you attach it to the lightbulb socket of a lamp
  • EXPANDS THE POSSIBILITIES OF LITOLITE 5C - The LitoLite 5C is already an incredibly useful, ultracompact LED light, the Nanlite Bulb Diffuser gives it an additional set of capabilites that let you use it in new, creative ways
  • IMPROVES THE QUALITY OF THE LIGHT - When your 5C is mounted in the Nanlite Bulb Diffuser with the top secured in place, an additional layer of diffusion is applied and the light is much softer and more appealing
  • POWER AND CHARGE - The built-in battery on the LitoLite 5C lasts a long time, but when connected to a lamp socket the 5C can draw power from the lamp, if you turn the brightness down to 0, you can even charge the battery
  • WE BELIEVE IN OUR QUALITY - Includes a 2-year limited warranty that you can extend to 3-years for free when you register online, with nearly 30 years of manufacturing photo and video lighting products, you can have confidence in our quality
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