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Morally Toxic

Morally Toxic Wraith Camera Messenger Bag

Morally Toxic Wraith Camera Messenger Bag


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And Now For Something Completely Different…

Wraith is a shoulder bag for photographers on the move that need quick access to their gear. Challenging conventional design and aesthetics, the Wraith is as unconventional as it is pragmatic.

Safe and Dry

Wraith features a water-resistant and sealed “Frog” pocket, accessible from the exterior of the bag, that can stow wet items safely away from your valuable electronics. It can also be used to stow your camera in bad weather for safekeeping. When not required, the internal divider collapses into the pocket to give you additional storage space. 

Flapping Awesome

Wraith has a front flap that protects the two organiser pockets, with counter-flow zips to prevent side access or theft, and houses a hidden pocket for those valuable items like cash and passports.

No Waste

Wraith is constructed from premium fabrics. The cloth pieces are cut in order to tesselate perfectly which results in minimal wastage. Any remaining small offcuts are shredded and recycled.

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