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Langly Weekender Kit Bag

Langly Weekender Kit Bag


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A place for everything and everything in it's place. When you get your hands on the Weekender Kit Bag you're going to wonder how lived without it.

It's got one single minded mission - to keep your stuff tidy and organized. It's the perfect home for your cables, cleaners, lens wipes and all the other stuff that normally just floats around randomly at the bottom of your bag.

The bag unzips the full length giving you a wide opening to stuff your things into. There's also a handy carry handle at one end of the bag to allow you to pick up the bag with ease.
  • Water resistant Rugged Twill fabric for durability and ultimate weather protection.  Rugged Twill is a material that softens and wears with use
  • Full length zip across the top of the bag with a tab at each end of the zip to make it easy to grip the bag when zipping and unzipping
  • Internally linned with a Langly Shield logo print nylon fabric.
  • Langly silicon printed logo on the front of the bag
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