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Breakthrough X4 UV Filter

Breakthrough X4 UV Filter


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Worlds Sharpest Protection Filter. 100% Guaranteed.

The X4 UV achieves a higher optical resolution than any other protection filter, and thanks to our state-of-the-art and uniformly applied MRC16 and nanotec® nano coating layers, the X4 UV lives up to the demands of the professional outdoor photographer.

Critically Sharp SCHOTT B270

The X4 features SCHOTT Ultrawhite B270 optical glass made in Germany. Our state-of-the-art multi-resistant coating has 16-layers (MRC16) which increases light transmission to 99.4% and creates a protective layer that's structurally harder than the glass.

The forefront of Nano Coatings built into both sides.

Our breakthrough nanotec® Nano Coating layer repels dirt, water and other elements by beading rather than absorbing, making it easier (and faster) than ever to clean.

A breakthrough design that has traction.

In addition to featuring the highest resolving optics for today's highest quality lenses, we wanted to create a filter that was thinner and therefore lighter, but at the same time increase its functionality and it's durability. That led to some really surprising design challenges and innovations. 

To achieve this we took the entire filter concept and went back to the drawing board. It's incredibly important to have filters on tight and very secure, as camera equipment unfortunately gets banged around quite a bit, and a filter falling off is not a good situation to be in.

Even despite the early tooling challenges during the prototype phase, and even though it was quite a bit more expensive to manufacture, the feedback that we got from photographers was overwhelming - traction frames are better than standard flat black frames.

Full traction texture around the entire circumference of the X4 makes it easier than ever to get off and on securely. Not only did we want to improve the design to make it easier and simply more practical, but we also wanted to take the materials to the next level. The X4 is machined from brass, which is stronger than aluminum, binds and jams less on lenses and with other filters (or step-up rings) and it just provides a more reliably solid feel.

Less becomes more.

The X4 UV features an ultra-slim double-threaded 3.1mm Traction Frame which eliminates vignetting and light falloff on full-frame wide-angle setups while still working with all your lens caps.

The X4 UV's double-threaded traction frame will accept all of your filters and existing lens caps.

We support you, and the world.

We stand behind every filter we make with our 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee

Every X4 UV filter has a unique serial number laser engraved onto the interior frame. When you activate your 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee, we assign this serial number to you.

And after activation, and in the event you ever need to contact us for support, you don't need your purchase information or receipt ever again. This also allows for us to confirm non-genuine copies, and any feedback or insight you provide to us about your filter goes directly into future products.

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