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Benro #4 Supadupa Carbon Fiber Monopod

Benro #4 Supadupa Carbon Fiber Monopod


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Introducing the SupaDupa72 Monopod from Benro, a game-changer for photographers seeking excellence in long lens photography. This carbon fiber monopod has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail to make your photography experiences a breeze. Here's what sets the SupaDupa72 Monopod apart: Sturdy Carbon Fiber Construction: This monopod is built to last, capable of effortlessly supporting the weight of long lenses while remaining remarkably lightweight and portable. Stands Tall: The 72" max height makes sure you will never have to stoop (bend) while tracking your subject. Comfortable Padded Grip: The padded grip¬ ensures your customers' hands and shoulders stay comfortable during extended use. And if it's ever in the way, it can be easily removed. Effortless Lock Adjustment: Thanks to strategically placed locks, your customers can adjust the monopod with one hand, lea¬¬ving their shutter finger free to capture stunning images. Detachable Hand Strap: Safety is paramount, and the detachable hand strap keeps your customers and their gear securely attached at the wrist, reducing the risk of accidental drops. Smooth Panning with Rubber Foot: A rubber foot with ball bearings enables smooth panning movements, enhancing the quality of their shots. For added stability on uneven terrain, there's also a spike foot option. Integrated Tilt Head: The 72 model of this monopod line boasts an integrated tilt head that allows for a wide range of angles and movements without the need to lean over. Repositionable Knobs: All knobs on the tilt head are repositionable, ensuring they won't interfere with each other. This simplifies precise adjustments. Arca Clamp Included: With an included Arca clamp, customers can mount their camera directly to the tilt head, giving them more control over their shooting angles. Perfect for seamless transitions between monopod and tripod setups. Convenient Carry Case: When the shoot is done, the SupaDupa72 monopod easily fits into the included carry case, simplifying transportation and gear protection. The SupaDupa72 Monopod is set to become an indispensable tool for photographers using long lenses. Make sure your customers have access to this exceptional piece of photography equipment by adding it to your inventory today.
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