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Accsoon F-C01 Wireless Follow Focus

Accsoon F-C01 Wireless Follow Focus


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The F-C01 follow focus system from Accsoon allows you and your crew to wirelessly control the focus or zoom abilities of most lens systems. This includes DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, as well as the majority of cinema style lenses. The F-C01 includes both a hand wheel controller and a strong wireless focus motor. The hand wheel supports setting hard A/B limits and is powered by a single interchangeable NP-FW50 battery which can provide over 8 hours of battery life. Offering a 100m (300 ft) range = the F-C01 can be controlled from nearly anywhere on set. With that range and only a 10ms response time – the F-C01 pairs perfectly with any of the CineEye or CineView products from Accsoon to provide remote focusing abilities. In true Accsoon fashion - the unique frequency hopping spread spectrum connection method offers strong resistance to interference. Accsoon F-C01 can work across multiple frequencies in order to provide resistance free operation – allowing it to work in any environment. The F-C01 also offers automatic calibration with allows it to figure out the focus and zoom limits of any lens, and offers manual calibration for situations where you want to set different tolerances and may not necessarily want to use the full abilities of the focus ad zoom rings. For situations where you are working closer to the camera and want zero-lag, users can also use the F-C01 via a wired connection – utilizing the near-instant speeds of USB-C to control the motor. The new F-C01 from Accsoon allows users to truly take control of their set, and brings a new level of precision to crews.
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