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Phottix Rani Folding Beauty Dish 33in (85cm)

Phottix Rani Folding Beauty Dish 33in (85cm)


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The Phottix Rani 33in (85cm) is new to the Phottix series of Folding Beauty Dishes. Available in two sizes, 24in (60cm) and 33in (85cm), the Rani Folding Beauty Dishes include a Bowens Mount and feature an innovative "Push and Pull" system making setup and breakdown easy. The Rani's design sets up like a softbox with 16 Fiberglass Ribs that click and lock into place quickly, while its silver interior maximizes your light source's output. Strong, durable, and lightweight, the Rani 33in Folding Beauty Dish produces soft, wraparound light with natural catchlights in your subjects eyes, and is ideal for portrait photography and fashion. Its depth produces a focused light with directional control that can be narrowed further with the included fabric grid. The Rani’s include a front diffuser and inner baffle, center reflector disc, fabric honeycomb grid, and a carrying bag.
  • Innovative "Push and Pull" system making setup easy.
  • Includes front diffuser and inner baffle for soft, wraparound lighting
  • Fabric honeycomb grid included to control light spill
  • Made from durable, professional grade material
  • Zippered Carry Case
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